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Migrating Shelvesets between branches in TFS

So, if you work on a branch-per-release cycle, sometimes things take longer than expected.
Here’s a quick way to move a shelveset from one branch to another:
tfpt unshelve - Unshelve into workspace with pending changes

Allows a shelveset to be unshelved into a workspace with pending changes.
Merges content between local and shelved changes. Allows migration of shelved
changes from one branch into another by rewriting server paths.

Usage: tfpt unshelve [shelvesetname[;username]] [/nobackup]
[/migrate /source:serverpath /target:serverpath]

shelvesetname The name of the shelveset to unshelve
/nobackup Skip the creation of a backup shelveset
/migrate Rewrite the server paths of the shelved items
(for example to unshelve into another branch)
/source:serverpath Source location for path rewrite (supply with /migrate)
/target:serverpath Target location for path rewrite (supply with /migrate)

Serverpath is $/Project/DirectoryStructure

Don’t use nobackup. Bad idea. Backups never hurt anybody. Also, you should run this from within a directory that you’ve got mapped (source directory works great), otherwise you might have an issue with TFPT not being able to figure out which workspace, even if there’s only one.

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